Presentations for Download and Review

The Philadelphia BTA is pleased to make available presentations of notable speakers from some of our past chapter meetings and education days.  Please feel free to click on the link of the desired one if you'd like to download a copy for yourself, a colleague or a co-worker. 



Month & Year


PBTA Board Members Philadelphia BTA February 2012 2010-2011 Chapter Review
Joshua Rose Global Rescue September 2011 Travel Risk Management
Will Tate Management Alternatives, Inc. February 2011 Travel Technology Today
Mike Boult Lanyon, Inc. September 2010 Seven Trends for Business Travel
Laurie Rusin LXR Travel LLC May 2010 Roadwarrior Packing & Travel Secrets Revealed
Kevin Mitchell Business Travel Coalition April 2010 Airline Unbundling
David Grossman USA Today June 2009 Travel Industry Update
Will Tate Management Alternatives March 2009 Surviving Downsizing

David Cerino


May 2006

Understanding the GDS

Bill Amaral

Plan it Safe

September 2006

Travel Safety and Security in a Changing World

Robin Roane


February 2007

Taking Ownership of Your Personal Development

Shane Downey


February 2007

Rental Car Taxes

Sean McCurdy

Interstate Hotels

April 2007

Dynamic Hotel Pricing

C. Stewart Verdery

Monument Policy Group

June 2007

Registered Traveler

Kevin Mitchell

Business Travel Coaltion

September 2007

Stategic Issues in Travel Management

Peter Cohen 


October 2007

Amtrak Update Main Preso 
Amtrak Greenhouse

Brian Stephens 

Conference Direct 

May 2008

Hotel Industry Trends 

Ginger Moynahan Rohm & Haas May 2008 Designing a Strategic Travel Program - Part I
Ira Greenberg   May 2008 Designing a Strategic Travel Program - Part II
Tom Wilkinson TRW Travel Consulting  May 2008 Online Stategies for Travel Programs
Andrew Menkes Partnership Travel Consulting September 2008 Global Corporate Travel Trends